Children's Cultural Society (Bal Bhavan)

CCS is a non-government organization which believes that along with education, extra-curricular activities which are of interest to a child, are very necessary for his/her all-round development.

Over the years CCS has created many memories and developed the potential of many children. Parents have been of huge support and with their feedback, yearly programmes are planned and developed.

Aim of CCS

CCS was started with the aim of creating opportunity for children to:

  • Have an exclusive children's library.
  • Participate in indoor games after school hours.
  • Visit places of historic, social and scientific importance.
  • Have regular holiday activities.
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A humble beginning

CCS was started by a group of 12 women in 2002 in a small flat near Vasai Station.
In the year 2007, our children performed at St. Augustine in Deep Jallosh during Diwali. It was then that the Nagar Parishad, Mr. Narayan Mankar Saheb, promised to give a government place to CCS for its activities. WE then shifted to the current location.

  • Dr. Anjali Gokarn
  • Dr. Supriya Wakankar
  • Ms. Suryaprabha Sashidharan
  • Ms. Neha Malekar
  • Ms. Shraddha Naik
  • Ms. Shalaka Phadke
  • Dr. Anjali Raut

  • Ms. Savita Pandit
  • Dr. Rashmi Basrur
  • Ms. Sumitra Deodhar
  • Ms. Meghna Pednekar
  • Dr. Priya Chaphekar
  • Ms. Asawari Bhase
  • Ms. Sushama Shelukar


  • Alka Shingane
    My daughter Jia Shingane joined the Summer Camp of Bal Bhavan and she enjoyed all the classes a lot, especially the dance sessions. A very enriching experience for the children as well as parents. Thankyou to all the teachers and volunteers.
    Alka Shingane
  • Sheetal Kusumbe
    The summer camp has been an enriching experience for the children. It brought discipline as well as was a lot of fun for the children. The habit of eating fruits and wholesome meals was inculcated gradually which helped the children to stay active and energetic throughout the camp everyday. Overall a very joyous and learning-enhancing camp. GOOD JOB DONE!!
    Sheetal Kusumbe
  • कर्तव्य परमार
    स्कुल का एक्झाम्स खत्म होने के बाद बच्चो को बाहर जा के खेलने से अच्छा है, की वो कुछ ऐसे अच्छा सीखे की उनको लाईफ मे युज हो और हमारे बच्चे यहा पर आकर वो सभी चीजे सीखे. आप सभी का धन्यवाद.
    कर्तव्य परमार
  • पारस बागुल
    शाळा संपली की मुलांना खुप कंटाळा येतो. पण समर कॅम्प असल्यामुळे मुलांना घरी बसुन राहण्यापेक्षा बाहेर जाऊन, खुप काही नवनवीन शिकायला मिळतय. नवीन आयडीया त्यांना उपयोग करायला मिळतात. आमची मुले समर कॅम्प मध्ये खुप काही नवनवीन शिकले. म्हणून आम्हाला खुप छान वाटतय. तुमच्या सगळ्यांचे धन्यवाद.
    पारस बागुल